sem design studio was born in the back of our London apartment in July 2011. Working as a landscape architect at the time and distanced from the physical end of design, I felt a need to design and to make things.

The studio philosophy has developed from its early intuitive ideas and needs. The studio holds that design is a universal skill and should draw inspiration and skills from all disciplines, architecture, landscape, industrial, interior, fashion …

Design should be unique, contextually appropriate and beautiful.

The studio understands that design doesn’t stop with the drawing phase but continues throughout the making of the object and the designer needs to be an intimate, if not integral, part of production.

The studio’s particular interests and experience come from landscape architecture, urban and building design, furniture and fashion.

The studio is underpinned by the notion that the future of design and production is through sustainability and digital manufacturing, and through a rigorous process of prototyping, beautiful, functional and lasting objects and spaces can be created.

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landscape – furniture – design

sem design is a multi-disciplinary design and make studio based in Melbourne, Australia